2023 Denver March PowWow at the Denver Coliseum

The Denver Powwow is one of the largest and most prestigious powwows in the country, with over 1,000 dancers and 30 drum groups participating. The event includes traditional dance competitions, drumming contests, art and crafts booths, and of course Tocabe serving up Indian Tacos and fry bread. The powwow is a symbol of resilience and strength for the Indigenous community, as it has endured centuries of oppression and attempts at erasure. The powwow provides an opportunity for people to come together and connect with their ancestral roots, while also educating the broader public about the diversity and richness of Indigenous cultures. The Denver March Powwow is a vibrant and colorful event that celebrates the diversity, beauty, and endurance of Indigenous peoples. It serves as a reminder that Native American cultures are alive and thriving, and that we must continue to support and honor Indigenous traditions and communities.

I would definitely recommend everyone attending at least once and take in the artistry of a Grand Entry. The grand Entry is a ceremonious event of color presentation and a generational presentation of all the performers and attendees of the Pow Wow ranging from the youngest performers to all the elders. As they enter the arena, drum groups around the arena perform indigenous drumming and singing that will definitely leave you amazed and feeling honored to see such a gathering. Also not to miss is the dance competitions. These performers put their heart and soul in performing for cash prizes over the three days in competitions such as Living Treasures for those 70+ years young, southern straight, Jingle, and Chicken. Large crowds not your thing? There is also a smaller powwow that happens annually called Friends of DAM (Denver Art Musuem) Powow with the same dancing, food, and arts and crafts.

You can learn more about the Denver March March Powwow on their official site. Information about the Friends of DAM can also be found here