2023 LFWC!

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The Latin Fashion Week Colorado is one of those events that I try and catch every year that I can. While some the the designers have presented every year, the designs, the models, the location always seem to be different and showcase very well! This year, the 6th year of the fashion show, was held on the Tivoli Quad of the Auraria Campus with a west to east runway provided guests and attendees of the show with not only a handcrafted background, but also the backdrop of the Mile High City skyline as the designers showcased on a very diverse model lineup and is usually headlined by the event's creator Norberto Mojardin. Norberto won the 14th annual Paper Fashion Show with his Aztec Princess design is also a hairstylist as well as the President and Founder of the Viva Colorado non profit dedicated to preserving and supporting the Oaxacan culture.

Latin Fashion Week Colorado usually kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month here in Colorado. In an artist statement on on LFWC:

"This year Norberto Mojardin is the curator of a unique collection, collaborating with Oaxacan artists and emphasizing Armando Rodriquez's, this underscores the importance of preserving cultural heritage and responding to claims of cultural appropriation by promoting respectful engagement with tradition."

This year I was able to attend the 2nd night of the show known as International night thanks to Frank LeBouf of Models of Colorado who was unable to attend. You can view the full gallery of images on the LFWC Gallery Page. Watermarked images are provided for download. If you need an image without a watermark, please contact Latin Fashion Week Colorado or use the Contact Me option to get details on getting watermark free images or to prints.

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