As with any creative outlet there are several different options to choose from when selecting me to photograph your moment. Instead of breaking things out by genre, It's best to keep it simple and break it down to 3 different types, studio, on location, and event coverage. If you need specific details or each, or wondering which one your specific shoot would fall into, please don't hesitate to use the Contact me option to discuss your specific needs! Currently have passport and willing to travel!!

Studio shoots

Starting at 200

Studio shoots are a great option and allow for multiple outfit changes, usually not dependent on weather, offers various lighting, and don't have to worry about the public. There are several different local studios to choose from, prices will vary.

On Location Shoots

Starting at $125

Looking to take out photography needs outdoors? contact me for my travel area and shooting locations I like to use.


Starting at $200

Need photography coverage for your fundraiser, band show, fashion show, red carpet event? Contact me about details and pricing as needs can vary pricing.


Are you available for travel?

I am available for travel for your destination based shooting needs. Please contact me to discuss your specific needs!

Will there be a second shooter?

Currently I am a one man team, however if you or I feel that your event or photography needs require additional photographers, we can definitely discuss this need and plan accordingly.

Can I extend the session on the day of?

All changes should be discussed before day of. In some situations the schedule can be changed before shoot time.

What kind of gear do you use?

Camera gear currently being used is full frame mirrorless camera with various full frame related lenses

Lighting gear ranges from Flashpoint and Godox branded equipment.

Do I have to order prints through you?

I understand that people have their favorite print shops, thus prints do not have to be ordered from me. However if you are choosing to print images on your own, you will need to purchase a print release.

Are you available for last minute photography needs?

Based on scheduling and editing backlog, there are definitely times I can fill in a last minute need. definitely use the contact me option to check availability and last minute pricing.


TFP or free shoots do happen at times depending on the concept of shoot or event. I am slowly moving away from TFP shoots and providing free photos for events that are outside of networking or group shoots. This also includes shows that do not have specific 501c(3) foundation behind them.

Best way to contact me

to reduce the amount of robo and spam calls / emails it is best to utilize of the contact me options to send a message and then after that you can let me know whether you prefer text, email, phone call, or in person!

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